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الثلاجات الطبية مقابل الثلاجات المنزلية

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Wondering about the differences between domestic refrigerators and medical refrigerators? Let's explore the 10 differences between them. For more details about Heal Force 2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator, -25℃ Deep Freezer, and -86℃ Ultra Low-Temperature Freezer.

1. Different Storage Items

Domestic Refrigerator: Fruits, vegetables, beverages, pork, fish, etc. are generally stored in domestic refrigerators.

Medical Refrigerator: Medicines, reagents, vaccines, blood, biological samples, etc. are generally stored in medical refrigerators.

2. Different Temperature Control Range

The range of temperature in the domestic refrigerator compartment is 0℃~10℃.

The temperature range of the medical refrigerator is 2℃~8℃, and the temperature fluctuation range is 5±3℃.

3. Different Number of Sensors

Domestic refrigerators generally have only one temperature sensor.

Medical refrigerators generally have 2 to 3 temperature sensors, or even more, to ensure the accuracy of the temperature inside. Even if the door is opened frequently, the temperature control system can quickly adjust to keep the temperature stable.

4. Different Compressor Types

The low-cost low-pressure compressor used in domestic refrigerators easily causes the stored items in the refrigerator to be frozen.

For medical refrigerators, especially blood bank refrigerators, in order to ensure a stable temperature drop in the cabinet and reduce temperature fluctuations, a mid-back pressure compressor with a higher cost should be used instead.

5. Different Cooling Methods

Most domestic refrigerators are equipped with direct cooling auxiliary fans.

Medical refrigerators use the comprehensive layout of finned evaporators.

6. Different Alarm Functions

Ordinary domestic refrigerators have no alarm function.

The medical refrigerator alarm function is relatively complete and comprehensive.

7. Different Types of Thermostats

Domestic refrigerators generally are equipped with mechanical thermostats with adjustable ranges from 1 to 7 digits, while high-end ones with LED digital thermostats display the temperature set inside.

The medical refrigerator has an electronic temperature controller with LED digital display or liquid crystal display, which intuitively displays the operating and alarm status, and the real-time temperature.

5. Medical Refrigerators


6. Medical Refrigerators

Internal and External Materials

8. Different Internal and External Materials

The external material of the cabinet of the domestic refrigerator generally uses PCM and VCM. The inner liner material is generally made of plastic ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) or PS (polystyrene plastic).

Medical refrigerators have better corrosion and rust resistance. Because cold-rolled sprayed steel plates are generally used on the outside of the medical refrigerators, and cold-rolled sprayed steel plates, electro-galvanized steel plates or 304 stainless steel are covered inside.

9. Different Temperature Control Accuracy

Domestic refrigerators with ordinary mechanical thermostats fail to display control accuracy, while high-end ones adopt digital display thermostats with an accuracy of 1°C.

Medical refrigerator adopts electronic thermostat, and temperature display, and its control accuracy can reach 0.1 °C.

10. Different Insulation Layer Thickness

The thickness of the insulation layer of domestic refrigerators is generally 20-45mm polyurethane foam.

The wall thickness of the insulation layer of the ultralow-temperature freezer at -86℃ can reach 120-160mm. Generally, the thicker the insulation layer, the better the insulation performance.

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